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The Floods of Spring

Stewart's mad and he's not taking it anymore. The rivers are flooding, the Apocalypse has come! Or so he surmises. Otis Rabbit, again, is left to mop up. 

Money with Otis and Stewart

The Woodland take on the 90's political scene. From the TPT news show, Almanac. The political humor may be dated, but the music never is. 

Vote Early, Vote Often

The Woodland gang tries out voting, and Stewart loves it! Don't you forget to vote. 

BWCA Way Up North

The Woodland gang's home is being invaded and they won't stand for it! From a 90's public television monologue on Minnesota's TPT Almanac. 

Downsizing Christmas

The gang from Woodland ponders the impact of the new economy. From an appearance on TPT Almanac. Some things, it seems, never change. 

We're the Minnesota Twins!

Stewart Raccoon and Otis Rabbit have a plan to help out the MN Twins in this rather dated monologue from TPT's Almanac. They had a plan, but the city leaders had other ideas. Now it's the Viking's turn . . . 


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